Kelowna voters hit polls bright and early

There was already a line at many Kelowna voting locations before polls even opened this morning. 

B.C. voters are casting their ballot today in what's been a tight provincial election race.

“I feel extremely privileged every time I come here to thank this free country I live in and this democratic voting system,” said one voter, Jenette “it’s a privilege.”

Although she voted bright and early, she says it wasn’t easy to decide who to vote for.

“My big things are more time for the ordinary person and also more attention to the environment.”  

Terri, who came out to vote with her husband Chad, said the environment was also an issue for her in this election.

“We have kids in school so, you know, the student loan issue was a big one for us, [the] environment.”

They weren’t in Canada in the months leading up to the election, but Terri says that’s made her even more proud to practice her right to vote.

“We were in the U.S. all winter and so we came home and it was actually great to be involved in B.C. politics rather than listening to the U.S. politics,” she says “so we’re feeling pretty blessed to live in Canada right now.”

Another voter, Robert, also had American politics on the mind when asked about the importance of going out to vote.

“We see the results when people don’t vote down south, so yea, I think it’s important.”

Meanwhile, some voters like Nancy, were happy to see the election coming to an end.

“I’m glad to see all the rhetoric stop, so yes, I’m glad it’s over.”

Polls opened at 8:00am and will be open until 8:00pm.

A full list of locations can be found here.