Kelowna wants to avoid a 'fatberg'

Lots of cooking this Thanksgiving weekend could create a lot of left over fat and grease - and the City of Kelowna has some tips on how to get rid of it - none involve pouring it down the sink.

Earlier this month in London, England, engineers began working to get rid of a giant 'fatberg' lodged in the sewers that consists of a number of disgusting things including fat and oil. The city of Baltimore also had a similar clog that caused an overflow of sewage.

Kelowna wants to avoid battling a 'fatberg' - so, they've sent out a news release asking us not to pour fats, oils and grease down the sink drain - especially after cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

They suggest instead to pour the oil into a can or container, let it cool, and put it in the trash - or take it to the Glenmore landfill, or the Westside Recycling Centre on Asquith Road.

Other things not to stuff down the sink drain include food scraps, household chemicals and pharmaceuticals.