Kelowna-West MLA Ben Stewart Under Investigation

Kelowna-West MLA Ben Stewart

An investigation led by Elections BC has prompted Kelowna - West MLA Ben Stewart to voluntarily step away from his position in the Liberal Caucus.

The BC Liberals don't know much about the situation but Kelowna-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick anticipates Stewart will return if the situation is resolved.

“From what I understand, Ben has asked to leave caucus while he addresses the issue with Elections BC regarding something to do with the last election. I’m not in the loop as far as what the specifics and details are of that but I’m sure that once he resolves those issues he will be invited back to caucus,” said Letnick.

The issue may involve a contribution to Stewart's last election campaign but our source was unable to reveal anything more.

Stewart will serve as an independent for the duration of the investigation and has not responded for comment on his decision.