Kevin O'Leary makes campaign stop in Kelowna

Federal conservative leader hopeful Kevin O'Leary made a campaign stop in Kelowna on Saturday.

It’s one of several stops he’s making in B.C. this week to try and gain supporters ahead of the May 28th vote. 

O’Leary pushed his main promise of increasing economic growth by 3% and criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for their management of the economy. 

He took questions from members after addressing the crowd and when asked about controversial issues such as marijuana legalization and abortion, he said the Conservatives are best not re-hashing the issues if they want to win the next federal election.

Later speaking with reporters, he reiterated another main promise of strong adult supervision from the federal government down to provinces because he says many leaders are weak.

When asked where B.C.’s premier Christy Clark fits in that, he had one issue. 

“I think she’s done a good job managing it with the exception of the lie on carbon tax,” he said “she said that it was carbon tax and that it was going to be tax neutral. It was neutral in ’13, not in ’14, not in ’15, not this year. She’s extracting money from businesses under a promise that she broke.” 

In regards to what he has to offer for British Columbians and why they should vote for him, he repeated his 3% economic growth promise. 

“We’re gonna figure out a way to take advantage of all the wonderful assets this province has, the potential it has to trade with the asian markets that’s going to be so important now that the U.S. is becoming more protectionist,” he says “This a gateway for commerce, this it a very important province to the country, because of its gateway to Asia.” 

Over 300 conservative members packed the room in the Coast Capri Hotel to hear O’Leary speak. 

There are a total of 14 people running in the leadership race.