Kirshner Mountain slope repair project still not completed

Work continues on the landslide threat to a couple of homes on Kirshner Mountain.

James Kay is Kelowna's Development Engineering Manager, "We are approximately half way at this point. We've been consulting with neighbours and have made some design changes. I expect that in a week or ten days we'll be in great shape."

There were concerns about what the project will utimately look like. As a result, there were several meetings last week that affected timelines.

In an earlier report, we told you that one of the two threatened homes was about to lose most of its backyard. Part of the design change will create a better solution for that family. 

An extra retaining wall is going in that will allow them to have a better backyard than originally thought.

The better news is that the entire project remains significantly under budget. Kay says, "We're being very frugal with this and we expect it'll come in at almost half of what was originally anticipated."