La Niña's Cold Touch

In a few days, Environment Canada will release new quarterly weather statistics. 

The La Niña effect will show the stretch was colder than predicted, according to meteorologist Armel Castellan.  "It reached one degree colder than normal temperatures for the Eastern Tropical Pacific, which means it's actually a 'moderate' La Niña. We were expecting it to stay 'weak'...that explains why a lot of Western North America has been colder than average for good chunks of this past winter."

With the documented cooler temperatures Castellan says he can more accurately say that the spring will be cooler in Western Canada.  "It's going to continue to be, relatively speaking, probably a little bit colder than the average spring."

As for the week ahead, the forecast calls for highs between 4 and 7(Normal: +5) and overnight lows between -3 and 1(Normals: -4). 

Castellan says to expect some precipitation though.  "Drips and drabs, you know, flurries and showers throughout the week...the highest chance of continuous precipitation is on Friday into Saturday."