Lake Country man trucking donations to wildfire evacuees

A man from Lake Country says he's collecting donations to truck up to wildfire evacuees in the northern interior.

Dan Marcotte operates Dan-Mel Moving, and is loading up his 16 foot trailer with donations of non-perishable food and personal items.

He says he's looking for all kinds of things.

"Blankets, pillows, toothpaste, toothbrushes. I need diapers from 0-6 months, I need clothes for kids, I need clothes for men and women, I need socks, shorts," he said.

"Non-perishables - I need lots of dog food, cat food, puppy food. As much stuff as I can get, so I can start hauling these goods to where it's needed most."

Marcotte says he's got local families who lost homes in mind, but that he wants to go on a road trip first.

"I want to help the eight families that lost their homes, and the big thing right now is to help the families here," he said.

"But my big goal is to start heading to Kamloops, Clearwater, Prince George. Wherever I can go with my truck, I'm going," he said.

Marcotte has already come back from a trip up to the Cariboo region, which saw him leave Thursday and return Saturday.

He says taking needed items to people who need them made an impact on him.

"It pulled my heartstrings so much I cannot explain it. And my mission is to help people - I'm not here to get glorified," he said.

"I'm just a little guy that's got a big heart, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

He says he's currently stocking up as donations come in, and will leave on another trip as soon as he fills his truck.

You can drop off donations at Ace Hardware or Turtle Bay Pub up in Lake Country, or get in touch directly with Dan on his cell phone at 250-215-0147, by email at, or through his Facebook page.