Lake Country Middle School to Break Ground this Summer

Lake Country is getting a new Middle School.

The 600 student facility will break ground this summer, next door to George Elliot Secondary.

Eileen Sadlowski is Secretary Treasurer for the School District.

"It's developed in the model of a 21st century learning school which provides for a lot of innovative learning spaces" said Sadlowski. 

"There's a lot of glass, there's a lot of open sunlight and open areas, and it's quite a beautiful school."

The new facility, which was first proposed in 2014, will help support the region's growing student population.

"We're over capacity in that's going to allow for some pressure to be taken off within the whole community."

Multiple names were proposed for the new school, but the district ultimately chose to the name H.S Grenda Middle School in honour of a local teacher.

"Hank Grenda was a long-serving teacher within the Lake Country area. Very beloved, and had a significant impact on a number of students in the area"

If all goes according to plan, the school should be open by September 2021.