Less air support in Richter Creek wildfire needed


You won't see as much air support battling the Richter Mountain wildfire.

It simply isn't needed. 

Only two helicopters are being used, down six from earlier this week.

"When you see a helicopter or airtanker, it is really visible action on the fire. That said, helicopters and airtakers don't put fires out, it is actually the ground crews that ultimately have to do that work".        

Information officer Jody Lucius says over 100 men and women are on the ground tackling hot spots. 

"It isn't as hot as maybe we saw a couple of days ago. This instability a little higher in the atmosphere, if it drops down over the fire, we may see that wind pick up and potentially some additional weather changes. Right now we aer experiencing hot and dry for the next couple of days", Lucius added. 

The wildfire is believed to have been caused by a lightning strike on July 24.