Level 3 drought continues in the Okanagan

Water restrictions

Since July 1st, the Kelowna area has seen nearly 16 millimeters of rain, with more in the forecast this week. Penticton has had over 20 millimeters.

Jonathan Boyd from the BC River Forecast Centre says, "The drought situation is a little bit better. We've got flows going back up in some of the creeks trickling into Okanagan Lake. It's a little too early to know if this is going to be a long term reprieve or if this is just a quick break in the drought."

We're sitting at level 3 drought conditions based on June rainfall. Last month our total was about half of normal. When the assessment of July so far is completed at the end of the week, Boyd thinks it'll likely stay at level 3.

He says an ideal scenario would be for the Okanagan to see rain and cooler temperatures every four or five days for the rest of July.