Lime not behind scooter share application in Kelowna

American scooter company Lime is not behind a new proposal to bring scooter sharing to the city of Kelowna.

On Wednesday, city staff confirmed the municipality had received a new application from an unnamed company, seeking to offer scooters as an alternative to bike sharing.

Despite public plans to expand into Western Canadian markets in the future, San Francisco-based Lime has denied any involvement with the new proposal.

"While we have not yet submitted an application to Kelowna, Lime aims to expand to communities across Canada with shared transportation solutions that are affordable, environmentally friendly, and help reduce traffic congestion," said Chris Schafer, Senior Director of Strategic Development for Lime in Canada. 

Kelowna city staff will not release the name of the company involved unless the application is fully approved and a permit issued. It is one of two bikeshare applications currently making its way through city hall.