Local TV personality Rick Webber announces retirement

He's been the face of CHBC TV News for what seems like forever, but for Rick Webber, it's time to retire.

After nearly 30 years in your living room virtually everyday, his final newscast will  be July 31st.

"Well it's strange you know, I've been doing this now for over 40 years. I haven't been away from it for longer than three weeks. When I turned 30 I took three weeks off for a cross country vacation." 

Webber adds, "It's been pretty much continuous broadcasting and thousands of hours on the air. I think it's time for a rest."

Webber has no concrete plans other than taking August off to ride his motorcycle and go boating with friends.

After that he says, who knows?

"Some of my friends have said hey, in a few years you should take a run at city councillor!"

CHBC has been Webber's broadcast home in the Okanagan for nearly 30 years.

(photo courtesy Global Okanagan)