Local winemakers toast record market share

BC Wine Institute

It seems British Columbians take pride in buying local wine.

BC vineyards are celebrating an all-time high market share of wine sales in the province: 19.25%.

The BC Wine Institute hosted its annual general meeting on Tuesday. President Myles Prodan toasted the milestone.

"It's a real tribute to producers of a hundred-percent BC wine and consumers who really enjoy it and put their money where their mouth is, literally, and buy BC wine."

It seems the industry only gets better with age, much like the wine it produces.

"The vines get older and the quality of the wine gets better" said Prodan.

"We're often reminded that great farming is subject to the weather as any other crop and then when you layer on to that the effects of smoke and the rest of it, it's amazing a good quality crop ever gets off."

While celebrating the record success for local winemakers, Prodan is careful not to ignore storm clouds on the horizon.

"We always are wary of what's coming down the road: increased pressure from imports, weather is always a concern of ours"

It's also unclear how BC's burgeoning legalized cannabis industry could impact local wine sales.