Locals get a say in Peachland Cannabis Rules

Peachland residents will be able to voice their opinion in the 2019 Citizen Survey this month. The survey is distributed every four years and came just in time to gauge public opinion on the use of cannabis and opening retail stores in the area.

Mayor Cindy Fortin says with tight regulations, she doesn't anticipate receiving negative results.

If the survey says yes, stores would not be allowed to open within a certain proximity to schools and libraries similar to other cities in the Okanagan.

Mayor Fortin said they want to make sure that “people aren’t out just smoking in front of everybody; you still have to be a certain distance away from buildings. I think council has realized that this is the day and age of marijuana shops popping up and the benefits of them.”

She says senior residents have told her that cannabis has helped significantly reduce pain caused by arthritis and that others could benefit from use.

“We have such a bad opioid problem right now. I think that if people could use something that’s regulated, that’s not as addictive, that can help them with their pain or with other problems, then that’s a lot better than going to opioids,” said Mayor Fortin.

The 2019 Citizen Survey will most likely be distributed to 200 homes in Peachland and be available online to the public.