Long Overdue Projects in the Works

In the last 25 years, over 500 infrastructure projects have been deferred in Kelowna.

Now, the City has approved a new strategy that will complete a handful of deferred city projects each year.

Through the Deferred Revenue Project Package, six sidewalk improvement projects were carefully chosen this year, through extensive priority screening.

“With this project package, we will actually see $268,000 this year come directly funded from deferred revenue accounts to fund these different projects. Of that, we have another 107,000 from developments engineering off sight and oversize accounts to come up with the 30% required to fund them,” said City Staff, Jim Hager.

This will result in $375,000 worth of public infrastructure being delivered.

“Deferred revenue is where a developer, mid-block, pays for sidewalk work, pays for infrastructure work but it doesn’t make sense to deliver.  Now at this point, the city and staff are turning this around such that we're in a position to complete these projects, deliver on these projects and make good on our commitments,” explained James Kay, City Development Manager.

The plan is to complete all 500 accounts within a ‘reasonable’ time frame.


Sidewalk project - Penno Rd at Hwy 97 N $28,550

Sidewalk project - Barnaby Rd from Paret Rd to Drummond Ct $104,470

Sidewalk project - Rutland Ct north of Commercial Dr $48,010

Urbanization project - Anhalt Rd cul-de-sac $49,760

Sidewalk project - Guy St between Bay Ave and Manhattan Dr $37,950

Sidewalk project - Field Rd south of McCulloch Rd $105,940

TOTAL $374,680