Mail Thieves Nabbed

An Okanagan couple is facing charges of mail theft and breach of probation.

At 3 AM on Monday, an RCMP officer was patrolling the area of Shannon Woods Drive and Tallus Ridge Drive, when he noticed a white Volkswagon Jetta driving without its tail lights on.

The officer was surprised to see a stack of stolen mail suddenly thrown out the window of the vehicle and onto the roadway.

Upon inspecting the Jetta, the officer found an assortment of stolen items scattered throughout the vehicle.

26-year-old Ashlyn Johnson of Salmon Arm and 35-year-old James Gordon of Penticton were taken into police custody without incident. They made their first appearance in court on April 3rd.

The RCMP is continuing its investigation, and is trying to reunite the recovered items to their rightful owners.