Man in custody after alleged downtown rampage

A man in his twenties is in police custody after an alleged incident on Bernard Avenue in downtown Kelowna Thursday morning.

According to witnesses at the scene, the suspect was confronting and assaulting people in nearby businesses with a nail puller and trying to break into several cars. 

Police were then called to the Bread Co on Bernard Avenue shortly after 9, where the suspect was reportedly causing a disturbance. They had to heavily restrain the suspect and carry him into a police car, where he tried unsuccessfully to smash through the car window.

The suspect appeared to have a cut on the right side of his head as he was arrested. It's unknown at this time what may have caused the injury.

The police have not yet issued a statement, but they have confirmed that the man was intoxicated at the time of his arrest. It's unknown at this time if anyone was seriously injured.