Mayor Basran talks homelessness and drug addiction

Basran 1

Mayor Basran saying today that the smouldering homlessness and drug addiction problem is now a full blown fire.

"It's awful and again, council is just as pissed off as everyone else. We don't like what's going on on our streets. I've heard a number of people in law enforcement say we could put more police on the streets, but it's not going to change anything. We've got to get people housed and with supports. Again, I'm going to be a broken record, that's the only path forward."

Basran says the City of Kelowna is taking all the heat for a problem that's not theirs to fix. Supportive housing and treatment programs for drug addiction and mental health are all the responsiblity of Interior Health and the Provincial Government.

Basran and council are knocking on the doors asking for more support but like everything in politics, it's a process and there aren't any overnight solutions.

Basran also talked about the petty crime and other issues around the Heathhouse supportive housing facility along Highway 97 near Leathead Road. He admits there have been issues created by residents of Heathhouse but says, those are being dealt with by staff.

A bigger concern he says are transients living rough along Mission Creek. Basran says paving the rail trail has been a great thing except that it has also given easier access to neighbourhoods for people on bicycles doing bad things in the middle of the night.