Mayor urges tourists not to count out Kelowna

Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran has a message for Kelowna's tourists about the local flooding.

"One of the hardest parts about going through a situation like this, outside of the devastating effects it can have on homeowners and people affected, is the impact it can have on local business," he said.

"And so what I want to say to the community, and to the world, is that Kelowna is still open for business."

The video message was shared by Basran across his social media accounts on Tuesday afternoon, as local businesses struggle with regular tourists cancelling their trips this year.

"While the lake may be impacted, and we are asking that people choose wake-free options when enjoying Okanagan Lake, and lakes right across the Okanagan, we also want to let people know that there are some amazing things happening in our community, and in the valley, that don't involve the lake."

Basran also asked people living in Kelowna to make sure to shop at local businesses.

"As a result of our community being impacted by news of flooding, we're asking that locals can do what they can to support our local businesses," he said.

The pitch comes during a week where emergency officials have ordered 500,000 more sandbags to deal with a lake that's projected to rise to 343.5 metres above sea level

Emergency officials say they're expecting lake levels to keep rising for at least the next couple weeks, before a very slow decline back to normal levels.