McGee pleads guilty to attempted murder

A West Kelowna man has pleaded guilty to attempted murder in connection to a shooting from August 2nd, 2016.

That afternoon, then-29-year-old Tyrone Reynolds McGee rode a bicycle towards 48-year-old Reginald Purdom, who was sitting in a car.

McGee then pulled out a handgun and fired several shots into the vehicle before the Purdom hit him with the car in response.

Both men involved sustained non-life-threatening injuries from the incident. Purdom was transported to hospital, while McGee was arrested near the scene and charged with attempted murder, plus a number of firearms charges.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Purdom was a key witness in the drug smuggling case of Kevin Kerfoot, who pleaded guilty to distributing cocaine in Washington back in 2006.

This led police to believe the shooting was targeted attack.

During a court appearance on Friday morning, McGee confirmed his intent to plead guilty. He is still, however, pleading not guilty to the firearms charges.

Apart from the shooting, McGee has a lengthy criminal record, which includes charges of driving while prohibited, and multiple counts of drug trafficking.

McGee will be back in court on Monday, April 16th for sentencing.