Meningococcal Outbreak Nearly Over

Interior Health is looking forward to declaring an end to the recent outbreak of Meningococcal Disease, which began in the Okanagan on December 14, 2017.

If no cases of the disease pop up within the next seven days, the outbreak will be declared over on February 13.

Despite the end being in sight for the outbreak, there still exists a risk of infection, and Interior Health is asking anyone ages 15 to 19 (the at-risk age group) who has not yet been immunized to do so.

Around 68 percent of the at-risk population has currently been immunized, with over 14,000 immunizations being handed out. While Okanagan residents ages 15 to 17 have had a higher immunization rate, there are far fewer residents ages 18 to 19 who have been immunized.

After the outbreak is over, anyone in grades 9 to 10 will still be able to be immunized at any clinics that offer it.