Mixed weather during lightning safety week

We're in the middle of a mixed weather period here in the Okanagan.

After record-setting temperatures in May, things have cooled down for the time being, with more showers expected from Wednesday to Thursday.

Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan says this could change soon, with an incoming ridge of high pressure looking to raise temperatures back to the low-thirties by Friday.

"We'll have all but forgotten the first 10-12 days of June by this weekend," says Castellan. "It'll probably feel like summer is confidently back."

And while summer weather appears to be just around the corner, both Big White and Silverstar couldn't say the same this weekend, having received 4 cm of snowfall.

Fortunately, Castellan says it's unlikely that we'll see any similar precipitation back on the highways anytime soon.

"It would take an extreme cold pattern to sweep into the province to get snow down to (the highways)," says Castellan.

This also happens to be lightning safety week in Canada, and residents are reminded to stay indoors during a thunderstorm, and to avoid being outside on the Lake.

For more lightning safety tips, go to https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/lightning/safety/overview.html.