Mobile home, brush fires extinguished

Kelowna firefighters doused a house fire on Chute Lake Road Tuesday afternoon.

It happened at about 5:20, in the Kettle View Terrace mobile home park.

When firefighters got there, they found the home already up in flames, but were fortunately able to salvage some of the family's personal items.

Officials say the home has significant damage, and will investigate the cause on Wednesday.

The owners have insurance on the home, but were out of town when the fire happened.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

As well, a small fire was quickly extinguished by West Kelowna firefighters last night before it managed to spread into a larger wildfire.

Fire broke out in a wooded area near Gellatly Road and Angus Drive at about 11 o'clock Tuesday night.

Crews made a full-on assault and quickly put the fire out.  

It's believed to have started from an unattended campfire.