More Fires in Kelowna and West Kelowna

Both Kelowna and West Kelowna fire crews have had a busy week. 

In West Kelowna Wednesday night - several people were seriously hurt in a fire at a single-family home in the Glencoe Road area. They were rushed to hospital, but there's no word yet on the extent of their injuries.

Fire officials say the blaze began at around 9:40 pm with a series of explosions. An AM 1150 listener, who lives nearby, says the blasts knocked everything off the shelves at his neighbour's house and broke one of his windows.

The fire was burning so fiercely, an excavator was called in to help put it out. 

Fire officials and RCMP will examine the scene today to try and determine the cause.

The second West Kelowna fire happened just before 11:00 pm on Campbell Road in Casa Loma. Fire cews found a 50-by-50 foot grass fire burning up into a large pine tree in an orchard.  

The three homes nearby were not threatened, and no-one was hurt. The cause is under investigation.

In Kelowna - firefighters were out early Thursday morning dousing a blaze at a home on Turner Road in the Mission. 

Platoon Captain Tim Light says just before 1:00 am - crews arrived to find the rear and roof, of the two-and-a-half storey house, fully involved.

Three people made it out safely and were not hurt, but the home was badly damaged. No word yet on the cause.

And on Wednesday - Kelowna fire crews responded to three grass fires along a walkway at Munson Pond. 

Captain Light says it appears all three had been intentionally set and RCMP are investigating.

There have been a total of six fires in the Munson Pond area in the last two days.