Mother calls for action on drug use in Penticton

A Penticton mother is calling on the city to do more about public drug use after her daughter was hit by a car.

On June 1st, 13-Year-old Brooklyn Sidorchuk was walking home from Skaha Lake when she came across apparent drug users in a highway underpass.

Not wanting to approach them, she instead tried to cross the highway where she was then struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Luckily, Sidorchuk's injuries were minor, but her mother Meghan says the incident highlights the issue of rampant drug use in the community.

"I think the problem here is the blatant drug use, the obvious dangers that our children are encountering such as needles, people under the bridge, stuff like that, that makes them feel unsafe." 

Sidorchuk recognizes her daughter may have made a mistake in trying to cross the highway, but believes it's a decision that no child should have to make in the first place.

She feels city council hasn't fully acknowledged the problem and that the community as a whole needs to do more to address addiction issues in Penticton.

"What Penticton needs is maybe a little bit more law enforcement as far as doing drugs out in the open"