Mudslide Worsens

The unstable slope on Knox Mountain continues to slowly encroach onto the property Knox Mountain Metals, at the north end of Ethel Street in Kelowna.  That’s caused the expansion of the  off-limits area.

“The base of the mountain is moving right to the backside of their business.  That’s what we’re concerned about.  The Geo Techs(Engineers) have drawn a line….where they thought the mud, if it was to let go, would encroach to.  We deemed anything back of that line the danger zone.  It’s taking a big chunk of their business up,” said Kelowna Roadways Supervisor, Stephen Bryans.

Knox Mountain Metals is open for business and continuing operations to receive scrap metal, but they are not able to sell new or used metal at this time. 

No other properties above or around the area are identified as being at risk.

Fencing and warning signs are installed above the area of potential slope instability adjacent to Royal View Drive. The public and park users are asked to observe the warning and not enter the area behind the fence.  Bryans says the City will also add staff at the top of the mountain.  “We’re going to have on-site security up there in the daylight hours.”