'My Waste' - No More

Recycle coach App

If you currently use the My Waste app, it's time to make the switch to Recycle Coach.

App store guidelines prohibit companies from running similar apps simultaneously, leaving the company with a choice.

Recycle Coach was the better candidate, as it has been used more widely accross Canada.

According to Rae Stewart, Waste Reduction Facilitator, the company is considering this more of a name change, as both apps offer the same valuable tools.

"Personalized collection reminders are a really important tool. Disposal information, if you're confused about what to take and where to take it or if it goes in your recycling bin; Depot locations and hours and what needs to go to the depot, alternate disposal options for a whole raft of things," said Stewart.

The app also allows people to report missed collections, illegal dumps and learn how to reduce their waste.