New drug looks to stop tumors in their tracks

Former BC Liberal Party Leader, Olympic basketball player, and now: revolutionary cancer researcher.

Dr. Pat McGeer, founder of Aurin Biotech in Vancouver, has done it all in his 91 years of living, including developing a drug called ATAC, or aurin tricarboxylic acid, which recently got a U-S patent approved.

He appeared on the Early Edition with Phil Johnson Friday morning to discuss how this orally-taken drug attacks tumors.

“The tumor, as it grows, has to have more blood,” says McGeer. “ATAC says essentially ‘no, you can’t have that blood,’ so the tumor is starved of the blood supply it needs, and it can’t take your life.”

While the results of human trials can’t be published yet until more data is gathered, McGeer says the results have already been promising.

“Every person who has taken this material when we’ve recommended it is alive, even though they had been given up as ‘going to die within days,’” says McGeer. “Every person who did not take our advice was dead within seven weeks.”

McGeer says that, so far, ATAC has prolonged the lives of critical cancer patients by up to two years, and that number could go up.