New Kelowna bylaw to crackdown on nuisance properties

Kelowna councillors heard a staff report Monday that recommends a solution to nuisance properties. 

City Risk Manager Lance Kayfish says the proposed good neighbour bylaw would combine several existing bylaws - like noise complaints and unsightly properties - into one with a fee of $250.

The fine would be issued if RCMP, the fire department or bylaws officers are sent to a property more than once in 24 hours - or more than three times a year - and the property owner would get the fine - rather than the residents. 

He says the idea is similar to nuisance control laws already in place in many other BC municipalities including Vernon, West Kelowna and Penticton.  

Councillors gave some feedback on the report, and after some tweaking, Kayfish will bring it back to council at a future date.