New parking pay stations being installed downtown

On-going theft and vandalism has the City of Kelowna trying to speed up the replacement of downtown parking meters.

Parking Services Manager Dave Duncan says they're switching more single-pay meters to pay stations - a three-year plan he'd like to see accelerated to try and end the vandalism.

"Sometimes there can be 20 or 25 a night so it's definnitely an on-going issue. Our technicians are spending much of their time just fixing them in the morning."

He says 60 new pay stations will be installed over the next two weeks.

"This is supposed to be a three year project but we'll look at what we can do to try and accelerate that. We're focused on the busiest areas of downtown with these 60 we've got to install right away."

There are about 900 old-style parking meters still in use in the downtown core.