No jail time for man who broke into evacuated home during wildfire

A West Kelowna man who broke into a home that was evacuated during a wildfire will spend no time in jail. 

23-year-old Niso Kamhakoataew was sentenced to a conditional discharge and 18 months of probation for breaking and entering with intent to commit a crime on Thursday.

In July 2014, Kamhakoataew entered a Cobblestone Road home that had been evacuated during the Smith Creek wildfire in West Kelowna and touched personal items inside the house. 

He was initially charged with breaking and entering and theft because the residents reported some items were missing, but the judge wasn't convinced that Kamhakoataew was responsible because there was a second set of unidentified fingerprints inside the home.

During his trial Kamhakoataew said he doesn't remember entering the house because he was highly intoxicated at the time. 

With a conditional dicharge, Kamhakoataew will have no criminal record following probation.