'No less than three feet in height'

With the water level along Okanagan Lake expected to rise, homeowners on the shoreline are being asked to build a sandbag barrier no less than three feet in height.

Risk Manager of the Central Okanagan Emergency Centre, Stacey Harding, says it’s the best way to protect property in low lying areas.

"We don't want to go overboard and suggest people build eight foot dikes in front of their house. However this is what we are recommending at this point is another two feet above what we are anticipating the lake level to come up to."   

Harding says Okanagan Lake is rising close to three centimetres a day.

"We know that the cooler temperatures have slowed the upper elevation melt, however we are also seeing lots of rain. What we are recommending is people do take this very seriously and get their water protection measures in."

If you are unsure if your property is in a low-lying area, a map is available at cordemergency.ca