Not hitting the panic button yet over wildfire season

There are concerns the wildfire season could be intense this summer because of a low snowpack and a dry spring, but the BC wildfire service isn't panicking just yet.

Wildfire Technician Dale Bojahra says we're in a mini-fire season right now before we hit the "spring dip".

"Essentially what's happening is we have a period when the snow leaves the ground and before the vegetation begins to green up, and what we have out there is this sea of dead fuel without any greenery, without any moisture and it burns quite readily. As we get further into spring, and the grasses begin to grow, that green growth will really help slow any spread of new fires and that's where we see that dip in fire activity until we generally get into late June and July," he says.

Bojarha says the other variable is 'ignitions'. Even if it looks like a drier than normal year, if there are fewer lightning strikes, and everyone takes care with fire in the forests - it could be an easier fire season.  

He says there have been some grass fires near Kamloops, but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year.