OGO Scooters a Hit!

Baillie Vickers


Since OGO Scooters came to Kelowna last month, the overall response has been amazing.

Co-Owners Chris Szydloski and Kyle Leduc claim almost 6,000 users have downloaded the app.

However, some users have been experiencing glitches within the app .

“We have had some customer feedback and it’s been a little bit frustrated with some of the technical glitches within the software that may have resulted in overcharge; But our customer service team is working around the clock to ensure anyone who was overcharged is being 100 per cent refunded for that,” said Szydloski.

OGO, a division of Canada West Segway, attributes the glitches to low phone or scooter battery and signal loss, adding overcharged users will also be issued a free ride, alongside compensation.

“We're dealing with very advanced technology that deals with electric scooters that connect to your phone, which connect to a satellite out in space, that go to the Segway in Beijing, which then come back to us in this giant feedback loop,” said Leduc.

In the last four weeks, no accidents involving an e-scooter have been reported.

According to Szydloski, safety has always been their number one priority.

“One of the things that really separates our company is our customer service. So we have a waterfront team of people that are out there helping customers, showing them if they need help, learning how to ride it and downloading the app.”