Okanagan brain injury association launches internet game

An Okanagan based association has launched an internet game to try and engage with teens about brain injuries.

Brain Trust Canada says it's a unique game that has three sections, including a retro 'Mario Brothers type' jumping game, and three themes- skateboarding, hockey and workplace safety.

Manager Magda Kapp says players learn through educational messages and questions throughout the game.

“It’s not meant to be overly, sort of, in your face educational,” she says “but it’s meant to be messaging that they kind of learn along the way while they’re having fun and that’s, you know, the best way to reach youth where it’s almost innate through what they’re doing”

She says the idea for the game came from a desire to do something different to reach out to kids.

“Even the characters, the images, were all created from scratch,” she says “and certainly we’re not looking to compete with the gaming world out there but we’re just wanting, as an Okanagan company, to do something a little bit unique and spread awareness on brain injury”

Kapp says if the game prevents even just one brain injury, it would’ve been worth it.

You can find the game at protectyourhead.com.