Okanagan film industry robust as some production leaves BC

California is luring television and film production back to the state with an expanded tax credit program - and Vancouver has fallen victim. 

TV shows like Lucifer, Legion and The Affair are heading to Los Angeles. One estimate has the moves costing 400 local jobs.

Okanagan Film Commissioner, Jon Summerland, says sure some productions are leaving BC - but others are heading our way.

"A show that was in Louisiana that pulled out to come to BC called "Crushed" could very well shoot here because it's about wineries. Things change; things move around," says Summerland. "It's good for the industry; keeps us on our toes."

He says tax incentives are part of the hook in bringing film and tv work to BC, but what's attracting productions to the Okanagan is we've got everything in place to make movies; filmmakers want is ease of production.

"In the beginning it was harder because we needed to bring in a 'grip'; bring in electric, so we were filling more hotel rooms but we weren't paying as many mortgages," says Summerland. "Now we're paying more mortgages because these people are living here; these people have been trained here."  

He says this week Kelowna is hosting a delegation of 21 industry types from Vancouver with the aim of bringing larger productions to the valley. 

"Every year gets busier and busier, but this year is full-on steady, says Summerland. "We are full-on, all the time. It's been a lot of work, but a lot of payback. We're doing well." 

He says right now, one film is shooting, two more are in pre-production and a fourth is close to getting started.