Okanagan Lake levels starting to recede

The water levels in Okanagan Lake are starting to recede.

The latest numbers from the regional emergency operations centre show that the lake peaked at 342.69 metres back on June 1, and has slowly started to come down since then.

As of Wednesday, the lake was at 342.66 metres, or about 18 cm above full pool.

Shaun Reimer from BC's Natural Resources Ministry says the lake is about 18 cm above full pool, which still presents a flooding risk.

"I think the biggest risk right now probably has more to do with wind storms. Any time that we're above our operating range, significant wind storms can do a lot of damage to docks, and lawns, and the banks of Okanagan Lake - and potentially create issues with structures and homes as well," he said.

He says it won't be too much longer before the lake will be back down to normal levels.

"I would guess it's going to be within 2-3 weeks. So, probably the end of June or near the beginning of July, we should be back within our operating range."

Reimer says inflow forecasts from the River Forecast Centre were predicting more rain than we ended up with.

"The fact that we've had a very dry May, particularly, has meant that probably we're not going to see that forecast realized - it's going to be less than what was forecasted. Of course, because of the high infill forecast received, that's a very positive thing."

Lakefront property owners are being asked to keep sandbags in place, until emergency officials determine the flood risk to be over.