Okanagan Seniors Slipping Into Debt

It seems more and more seniors are falling into debt.

Equifax Canada reports the national delinquency rate for seniors is climbing faster than any other age group.

Even well positioned seniors are fumbling their finances to help younger family members, according to Darrin Surminsky with MNP.

"Believe it or not, a lot of seniors get themselves in trouble because they've over-extended themselves to help out their kids or their grand-kids." said Surminsky.

Well-established elder citizens can often secure a significant amount of credit, but it's not always for the best.

"It just becomes so easy to use credit that they end up using it and then, once you're on that treadmill, it can very difficult to pay the credit off when you're on a fixed income."

Over the course of his 25 year career, Surminsky has seen the once rare occurrence of insolvent seniors become commonplace.

"When I first started, it would be really rare to see somebody over 55, over 60, in financial trouble."

He estimates debt-ridden seniors now account for roughly 20% of his clientele.