Okanagan snowpack melting fast

The Okanagan snowpack has been melting early, about a month early thanks to all the warm, dry weather.

Dave Campbell at the BC River Forecast Centre says this has eased concerns about flooding - but raises another issue about possible drought conditions.

"The shortage of water values is a rising concern when we have lower snowpacks - there's just less water there. And if we melt early, then that puts more pressure on us as we get into the summer to see whether this will pose a challenge from the drought side of things," he says.  

The snowpack as of April 1st was 72% of normal - last year it was 152% of normal.

Campbell says the spring melt is extremely early. He says where we usually start to head towards the potential for the melt season happening in May and June - we're shifting this year to more April- May. 

He says there's still the potential for some flooding if we get a period of heavy rains.