One street project ends..another starts


The wait is almost over for Sutherland Avenue to re-open to vehicle traffic, just in time for part of Ethel Street to close.

Sutherland Avenue construction has been ongoing since March for improvements, including a new two-way cycle track and water, sewer and storm water maintenance. However, the street’s new two-way protected bike lanes are not yet complete, and residents are asked to please use alternate cycling routes until the bike lanes open following construction of a new pedestrian and cycling bridge over Mill Creek.

“Although Sutherland Avenue will be opening to vehicles, we urge people to not ride their bikes on this road until the bike lanes are complete and the barriers removed,” says Gordon Foy, Transportation Engineering Manager with the City. “For safety reasons, please use alternate cycling routes until the Sutherland bike lanes officially open at the end of August.”

Sutherland Avenue between Ethel and Richter streets will open to vehicles Friday.

And while Sutherland Avenue between Richter and Pandosy streets is already open, Sutherland Avenue at the Mill Creek Bridge will close again for approximately three weeks starting Tuesday, August 6, to facilitate improvements to the vehicle bridge.