Opposition growing against supportive housing project on McCurdy Road in Rutland


They're aiming for 13 thousand signatures on a petition opposing a supportive housing facility slated for McCurdy Road in Rutland.

Response has been so good that they may have already exceeded their target. 13 thousand would represent about ten percent of the population in the Kelowna area.

Organizer Audra Boudreau says MLA Norm Letnick has promised to table the petition in the legisature, "We're hoping that perhaps that perhaps won't be necessary if our elected officials here in Kelowna are listening to their residents. If they're listening to what they think, what they want, what their concerns are, if they truly care, they will pay attention."

Boudreau says the comments when people signed the petition were mostly concerns for the safety of children and seniors.

They worry that another supportive housing facility will make existing drug and homeless issues in Rutland even worse.

Boudreau says signatures will be counted and addresses verified to ensure that only BC residents are included. They hope to have the petition ready for presentation by end of the week.