Park vandalized

A popular North Okanagan campground has been vandalized.

The lawn has been ripped up by quads at Mabel Lake Provincial Park and someone has damaged several picnic tables.

It's believed the incident happened Sunday morning shortly after 2 am.

Louise Nielsen and her husband manage the park.  

"We have been working very hard for the last 3 years to make Mabel Lake Provincial Park a treasure to visit. Last night our entire overflow day-use lawn was ripped up by a quad and every picnic table but one, was senselessly vandalized (again). A single board costs $200. 5 boards a table means $1000 per table +labour, and the time required to repair this vandalism takes us away from other areas if the park needing attention. I really hope the locals remind this guy, that this is their park too," she said in a Facebook post.  

A report has been filed to the RCMP.