Parking meter vandalism 'ongoing issue' in Kelowna

Vandalized Parking Meters

Vandals in Kelowna continue to target downtown parking meters.

Over the Canada Day long weekend, 85 of them were ransacked.

"Unfortunately, this has been an ongoing issue for several months now" said Kelowna's Parking Services Manager Dave Duncan.

Some of the meters have been on the street for more than 20 years but, according to Duncan, it's only recently that vandals have figured out how to crack them open.

"We're constantly looking for ways we can stop it from happening" 

To try and counteract the wave of vandalism, the city is replacing about a third of the meters with more secure pay stations that will accept credit and debit cards as well as coins.

"That's actually already occurred. We're bringing those online and have been over the last couple of weeks"

Parking Services is also planning to install more heavy duty housings on existing meters to try and make them sturdier.