Peachland cat missing for 3 years reunited with family

A Peachland cat has been reunited with his family- almost exactly 3 years after he was last seen.

Jenn Willocks says her 6-year-old cat Oliver went missing in February 2014, a month after her family moved to Peachland from Prince George.

“We canvassed around the area, we went door-to-door, put posters up, cause you know he was our cat, we got him from the SPCA at 8 weeks old,” she said “We just canvassed and no one had seen from him or heard from him so we just left it”

That changed on Saturday, when Willocks says she was browsing through Facebook and saw a post about a found cat in Peachland.

“I looked at the photo and I’ve seen pictures that looked similar to Oliver before, but I’ve never had a gut feeling saying ‘that is my cat’,” she said “So I talked to my sister, I said ‘Michelle, this is our cat!’”

Willocks reached out to the woman who made the Facebook post, asking if the cat had a bent tail and two-coloured nose like Oliver had, which it did, confirming it was the missing cat.

While the family has no idea where Oliver has been all this time, Willocks says his hair has been cut so they think someone may have taken him in for some time during the 3 years. He also ended up on the other side of Highway 97- Willocks and her family lives near Ponderosa and Oliver was found on Beach Avenue.

Oliver, now 9-years-old, has been brought back home and Willocks says it’s like he never left.

“It was really strange because he was only in the new house for about a month before he had disappeared so we thought he might not recognize the house,” she said “we put him down and right away he ran into my mom’s bedroom and he laid underneath her bed, which was his safety spot before he disappeared”

Willocks says Oliver has also been reunited with his feline sister Layla, and the two have been attached to the hip since being brought back together again.

Oliver and Layla before Oliver went missing.

Jenn Willocks