Peachland's Only Medical Clinic Set to Close

Peachland could be on the verge of losing its only medical clinic.

Doctor John Brinkerhoff owns and runs the Beach Avenue Clinic. He's due to retire in March.

Unless someone takes over for him, the community could stand to lose five doctors.

According to the Doctors of BC, it's a story playing out in communities all around the province.

"Many communities in British Columbia are under threat because the demands on doctors are increasing" said President Eric Cadesky. "Doctors need more support in order to meet the needs of their patients."

Peachland Council has comissioned a report on other small communities that are losing their medical clinics. It's unclear to Cadesky how helpful that information will be.

"Each community's needs will be different. What we need to do is to ensure that we understand the needs of each community, and that we provide the needed support for each of them."

Mayor Cindy Fortin will also ask Dr. Brinkerhoff what - if anything - council can do to prevent the closure.