Penticton passes controversial "good neighbour" bylaw

The controversial "good neighbour" bylaw was passed at Tuesday night's Penticton City Council meeting.

It bans sitting or lying on some downtown sidewalks during the summer months.

There were protesters there too.

Organizer Chelsea Terry says, "We're all fighting for the same thing. I'm not saying I want people to be able to obstruct. You can ask someone to move and usually that works. Bylaw will be doing the same thing. Asking someone to move."

Terry doesn't understand the need for a bylaw in this case.

Councillor Jake Kimberley spoke in favour of it.

"We as a community, as a city council are not responsible for the health and care of these people. We don't collect taxes for that. We don't collect taxes for affordable housing but we accomodate it."

The "good neighbour" bylaw is an attempt to control vagrancy.

As cities across the country deal with homelessness, Penticton's new bylaw has gained national media attention.