Permanent pothole fix for Highway 97 not far off

If you've slammed your vehicle into one of the many craters along Highway 97 in Kelowna - take heart - a permanent pothole fix is not far off. 

It seems like there's a pothole every few feet along the entire length of Highway 97 -  big ones - in every lane.

District Manager Jack Bennetto with the Ministry of Transportation says Argo - the company contracted to patch those holes - hasn't been able to make headway because of the freeze-thaw cycle this spring.

"They use what we call a cold mix, it's cold asphalt that they put in there and tamp, but it typically doesn't stay very well especially with heavy traffic volumes," says Bennetto. "They are on it. I noticed we had some challenges at the Spall intesection on Highway 97, and two days ago they patched all those holes."

He says the ground needs to be warmer to use a hotter asphalt mix that'll stand up to traffic - but there's even better news - he says a more permanent fix is coming once the six-laning of Highway 97 wraps up.

"And we'll be resurfacing the whole piece - the pothole challenge will go away for us for a few years we expect," says Bennetto. "It was intended to be just those construction pieces to be resurfaced, but we thought we might have other challenges with that, so we're going to resurface the full thing with a top lifet - a top layer."  

Bennetto says repaving Highway 97 right down to the lake could begin in late fall.