Plans advancing for downtown dirt pile lot

A vacant lot at Ellis and Clement is in the midst of plans for a facelift.

The dirt pile lot north of Prospera Place is set to get a couple of residential towers.

Jeff Hudson from HM Commercial Group says plans are coming together for two big buildings, but that they'll fit into the area nicely.

"I don't have exact numbers yet, because I think they're still toying with it, but it's likely going to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 16 storeys," he said.

"There is going to be a commercial component, but I think it's only going to be around 10 or 15,000 square feet. There will be a little bit of retail, maybe a modest amount of office or service-oriented type of commercial (space), and likely going to be a really nice restaurant to go in there."

Hudson says there's been a recent shift in attitude to living downtown, which is opening up opportunities.

"The one parkade that they built next to Memorial Arena - it's already sold out. I didn't predict that there was going to be demand in people saying 'this is great. I can have a tech job, I can live downtown, I can walk to work and restaurants,'" he said.

"The shift is that people are readily embracing the concept of living and playing and working in the downtown."

City staff had originally planned to present the land re-zoning request to council at Monday's meeting, but the item was knocked off the agenda.

At the meeting, the mayor said he expects to see the re-zoning come back in a few weeks.