Pot rules for Post-Secondary students

Both UBC Okanagan and Okanagan College are currently working on what rules should be established in advance of marijuana legalization.

The University is waiting for the guidelines to be handed down from the Vancouver Campus.  The College hopes to have their regulations in place before the day recreational pot goes legal in Canada, October 17th.  “We’ll be treating cannabis in a matter similar to alcohol, that it’s an intoxicant,” said College Communications Manager, Tyler Finley.  “Currently, cannabis will not be allowed on campus, it won’t be consumed at the college because it’s a public space, except perhaps in the instance of students living in Residence.  That’s still a point that we need to clarify.”

Edible cannabis will likely be allowed in student housing, but there's no rush to create rules for it because the Federal Government has said they won't be legally available for another year. No smoking is allowed inside Res buildings of Okanagan College.  Finley said, “There’s smoking gazebos near Residence and across our campuses, and (cigarette smokers) are only allowed to smoke in those designated areas.” It makes sense that IF marijuana smoking is allowed at all, it will be in those gazebos.

The next few weeks should provide a clearer picture for Okanagan Post-Secondary students.