Due to recent freeze-thaw patterns, potholes are starting to pop up across Kelowna. Road maintenance crews are working to fix problem areas.  Stephen Bryans, the City's Roadways Operations Supervisor says "We've got three crews working on them, pretty much 16 hours a day right now."  "Hopefully the weather changes and we get them all filled up and they stay filled up."

Potholes form on asphalt road surfaces due to seasonal freezing and thawing. The changing weather from season to season leads to the formation of potholes, which is why they tend to be more prominent in the winter and spring when the weather fluctuates. "Typically the worst you would go through would be February, March and even into April...it gets better going into May, generally."

Residents can help to identify potholes by using the Online Service Request System


Potholes on on provincially owned highways (Highway 97 and 33), can be reported on drivebc.ca and select the “Report a Highway Problem” option on the left-hand side.